Request for Info

Alvan Fisher (
Tue, 16 May 95 10:25:18 PDT

Hi! I'm a collector and maker of toy soldiers in 54 mm scale,
with particular interest in the period 1900 to 1918. Would like
to correspond with others of similar interests. My main interest
is that of converting basic castings to represent forces (armies
and navies) of European contries of this era. Current needs

1. Uniform colors/details, both parade and service dress.

2. Details/dimensions/photos of observation balloons (drachen).

3. Plans/drawings/photos of a limber for the German 77 field

In return, I have some experience making silicon molds and
casting with lead/tin alloys. Will share info as I can.

Have retired recently, so only come into the office once a week
or so to get my email. Be patient, I'll get back to you

Al Fisher