Re: Painting flying models

Douglas R. Jones (
Mon, 08 May 1995 10:30:03 -0500

>Thanks for your reply to my query. You have proven that I am still
connected, which I was wondering about.
Glad to help when I can.

>Your comment has reminded me to think about the sorts of test I should do;
such things as adhesion, flexure etc.

These are the things that I worry about. Nothing more frustrating than
having your finish chip off!

>I didn't say before, but I guess the real issue is having access the a
paint system that can be relied upon. I would prefer to not have more than
one painting system in the workshop because of the confusion of thinners,
colours etc. Also since my primary WWI interest is in German types with
their multitude of colors, I do not want to have to repeat color mixing
research for each model, and then what of future repairs.

Understandable. I feel the same way, basically. I will experiment some.

>I have read about verious modellers using the Humbrol range of paints. They
are available here but are very expensive since it is difficult to find then
in tins larger than the 1/2 ounce tin commlonly used by plastic modellers.

I know a fellow who did a 1/6th D-VII using Humbrol paint. He did the
lozenge then covered. Must have cost him a fortune! Sure looked nice though.

>Occasionally, I have found a shop that can supply the K&B epoxy system but
I have to ask whether I can rely on supply. I know of at least one shop that
has dumped K&B products because they didn't move quick enough to justify the
shelf space they occupied.

I don't care for epoxies because of the mixing and fussing you have to do.

>What we are discussing here is not a problem for the local sports fliers
because they are not concerned about exact colors and typically use:
>plastic films
>automotive paints
>household enamels (oil based and acrylic)
>industrial paints

I agree. These guys can use most anything and often do! It is a shame you
cannot get dope readily. Have you tried any local airports? Randolph dope is
used on full scale aircraft and works extremely well on models. People I
know who have used insist you can thin it to at 50:50 and have more than
enough coverage. Thus it goes a lot farther than dope for models.

Good luck and keep us posted on your efforts, please!

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