Re: Painting flying models

John Rice (jrice@SEI.CMU.EDU)
Mon, 08 May 95 11:47:09 EDT


I'm an RC flyer who would like to be a WWI flyer as well.
Have a Proctor mini-antic which I call my WWI fighter.

Anyway, I'd like to start with a Fokker D-VII, and HAVE to
paint all those lozenges! (FIVE COLORS). Have the pattern from the RCM plans;
but problem: WHAT ARE THE REAL COLORS ? Where can I get them
for less than an arm and a leg (I won't pay more for paint
chips than I did for the model !).

I've seen pictures of one that is kind of COLD (lot of dark
blue and dark green) and another that looks WARM (more yellow,
light green). I like the warm one, as on the Albatros DVA a the
Air and Space museum. Tried the IMPS with Federal Standard Colors and
didn't do too well.

Anybody got an old rag with all ten colors (or is it 9 or 8/) on
it. Anybody got some old paint that they could slop onto a
card and send me ?

Help me out, guys!