Re: Painting flying models

Douglas R. Jones (
Mon, 08 May 1995 11:37:47 -0500

>I'm an RC flyer who would like to be a WWI flyer as well.
>Have a Proctor mini-antic which I call my WWI fighter.

Good start! They sure are pretty in flight!

>Anyway, I'd like to start with a Fokker D-VII, and HAVE to
>paint all those lozenges! (FIVE COLORS). Have the pattern from the RCM plans;
>but problem: WHAT ARE THE REAL COLORS ? Where can I get them
>for less than an arm and a leg (I won't pay more for paint
>chips than I did for the model !).

If you have the RCM templates you should have gotten a color scheme to go
with it. This scheme is called out in Humbrol colors. I believe Alan put a
copy of my mail with this in it into the WWI Modeling WWW page. If not I can
send you a copy.

Good luck,
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