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Douglas R. Jones (
Mon, 08 May 1995 13:02:22 -0500

>Just thought it might be of general interest to know that Proctor is following
>up their recently discontinued Curtiss Jenny and Albatros DVa kits with a
>DVII. They test flew the prototype a week or so ago and expectations were
>exceeded!! Didn't ask the scale or price as I did not want to write
another check
>for a Proctor kit for the 3rd consecutive week! recently I was lucky to find a
>source for the extinct Jenny and DVa and, yes, bought both. Ouch!! I guess I
>look at it as my IRA investment for this year! :)

Ouch is right! By my calculations that's about...about...oh never mind. In
any case congratulations!

The D-VII will be neat to see. Their products certainly are incredible, I
just wish they were within the grasp of guys like ms :-(

>BTW: The Jenny plans are being re drawn to reflect the Proctor hardware which
>deviates from scale slightly, and they are planing to offer the kit again
in the
>future, based on a new set of plans. No word when, however. In their
words the
>Jenny has too much historical significance in the US to not be represented by a
>model of this caliber. It sounded like the kit would be identical except for
>the plan set. I was too delighted to have the sense to ask about the fate of
>the Albatros however.

This is good news! Let's hope the D-Va meets with the same fate!

Thanks for passing this along!

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