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Thayer Syme (
8 May 1995 12:11:28 -0800

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Date: 5/8/95 11:20 AM
To: Thayer Syme
From: Douglas R. Jones

> I wrote.....
* Doug wrote

>for a Proctor kit for the 3rd consecutive week! recently I was lucky to find a
>source for the extinct Jenny and D-Va and, yes, bought both. Ouch!! I guess I
>look at it as my IRA investment for this year! :)

*Ouch is right! By my calculations that's about...about...oh never mind. In
*any case congratulations!

My calculations haven't given me a result yet! Honest, I don't want to know
what I just spent and haven't done the math. I do know it is close to what I
spent on my last car... I really did consider it an investment though. The
kits and plans are exquisite! I ordered the Jenny as I had 'needed' one since
they were released and I didn't want to miss the last kit. When it arrived it
was so impressive I had to get the D-Va just for the experience of opening the
box. Truly, it was that impressive!!

*The D-VII will be neat to see. Their products certainly are incredible, I
*just wish they were within the grasp of guys like ms :-(

Believe me they weren't really within my grasp either but I felt compelled to
move on this unique opportunity that was fast disappearing. A few years ago I
let a full-scale Tiger Moth for $17,000 slip through my fingers and have been
kicking myself ever since. I didn't want to repeat the same mistake. I will be
paying for these kits, in terms of lifestyle sacrifices, for a long time. not
as long as the Moth though. that would have permanently changed my lifestyle...

>BTW: The Jenny plans are being re drawn to reflect the Proctor hardware which
>deviates from scale slightly, and they are planing to offer the kit again
>I was too delighted to have the sense to ask about the fate of
>the Albatros however.

*This is good news! Let's hope the D-Va meets with the same fate!
*Thanks for passing this along!