Painting flying models with lozenge

C.P. Hart (
Tue, 9 May 1995 09:01:34 +0000

A useful reference that gives a good look at lozenge fabric applied to an
aircraft is the Smithsonian book on the restoration of the Albatros D-Va.
It contains a carefully drafted pattern for five color lozenge camouflage
that you can enlarge or reduce to what ever scale needed. I used it to
produce 1/72 and 1/48 lozenge decals quite easily. There are also good
color shots of the restored a/c that give a good feel for the appearance of
applied lozenge. The colors are quite accurate.

On the www there is a photo of the restored Albatros in the original
gallery setting post restoration and prior to setting up the current WWI
gallery. Look for the Smithsonian's www page, there is a link to it from
the WWI modelling page.

Charles Hart