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9 May 1995 08:40:15 -0800

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Date: 5/9/95 5:13 AM
To: Thayer Syme
From: Paul Butler
Hello Jon Rettinger


I would recommend you try to locate one of these sources locally
because it might be difficult to transmit the drawing to you. I suppose
a fax might work, however. I doubt that I could legally send you a copy
from sources 2 and 3 because of copyright laws but source 1 might
be possible if nobody has retained the rights to the old American
Modeller stuff. Obviously that must be checked out.


Paul Butler

Paul and Jon,

I am no expert on copyright laws, but I do have a bit of an interest as a
significant portion of my income is from the sale of "stock photographs".

It is my understanding that copyrighted materials can be duplicated for
personal, non-commercial use. I would expect that no one will ever be taken to
court for photocopying dwgs that are then used to build a model for personal
enjoyment. The only exception to this I can forsee is if the drawing is then
claimed as another's work or sold as part of a plan set or other info pack as
might be included in a kit.

In your case, is it likely that someone would be upset by two friends sharing
information? I doubt it.

Thayer Syme
San Francisco