Proctor kits

Thayer Syme (
9 May 1995 10:30:43 -0800

Proctor kits
I just re-read my long diatribe about the Proctor fiasco and wanted to append my
thoughts as follows.

Regarding the Jenny, sales were on the order of 100 kits a year with a Proctor
guestimate of 50% built and half of those for flying. Thats 25 per year flying
and 25 for display.

Both of the Jenny and the Albatros were products I intended
to invest in for my building pleasure at a later date. I was
waiting for the right financial climate and have realized
today that that time will never come.

As you are probably aware I pretended that I could afford the Jenny. After
opening that box I truly felt I could not afford to not get the Albatros. I'm
now doing a lot of creative financing and eating a bunch of Kraft macaroni and
cheese and Ramen noodles.

I have found bittersweet pleasure in a call I made right after
contacting Proctor.

I feel much calmer now that my adrenalin has returned to normal levels. I don't
mean to harp on this but for some reason I am not really sure of, this is
extremely unsettling to me. I guess those are two very 'romantic' aircraft from
the age of the 'knights of the air' and I don't like it when my dreams are
confronted with the reality of America in 1995.

Thayer Syme
San Francisco
WWI Aviation Fanatic