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Wed, 10 May 95 08:24:37 EST


Last night I dashed of a message form my computer at home regarding lozenge

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From: pgb@werple.mira.net.au (Paul Butler)
Subject: Lozenge Patterns

Hello Jon Rettinger

Yesterday you sent a message to the list asking for info regarding
the lozenge pattern used by many WW1 German aircraft.

So far as I aware, there are two basic types that have survived,
the Knowlton pattern and the Canberra pattern, so called because the
surviving samples are kept in Knowlton Canada and Canberra Australia.

I know of three sources where you can find details of the these patterns.

1. American Modeller July/August 1964
2. World War 1 Aeroplanes April 1981 (I think)
3. Famous Aircraft of the National Air and Space Museum
Albatros D.V.a

Sources 2 and 3 offer almost identical drawings and all sources use
the Munsell system of color coding.

Now theres a project for someone, correlating the Munsell and Methuen
standards with the Federal Standard Colours used by the IPMS Color
Cross-Reference Guide.

I would recommend you try to locate one of these sources locally
because it might be difficult to transmit the drawing to you. I suppose
a fax might work, however. I doubt that I could legally send you a copy
from sources 2 and 3 because of copyright laws but source 1 might
be possible if nobody has retained the rights to the old American
Modeller stuff. Obviously that must be checked out.


Paul Butler

PS. My address is pgb@kau1.kodak.com for communication on this list.

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I did this BEFORE I read yesterdays mail properly and then realised I had goofed.

I appologize to Guy Fawcett for indeed he has done a lot of work correlating the
different color systems.

I also didn't read Jon's message properly and when I did it is apparent that
he already knows of a source for the patterns (RCM) but was inquiring on the

I also realised that the two patterns I mentioned are 5 color patterns and there
is, I think, at least one known 4 color pattern.

My excuse is that it was late at night and I had already had a visit from a
fellow club committee member and a telephone call to our club President.


Paul Butler