Re: r/c look a like

Allan Wright (
Tue, 25 Apr 1995 08:49:08 -0400 (EDT)


Thenks for your message - I'm forwarding it to the WWI mailing list so the
other R/C modelers on the list can enjoy the information also.

-Allan Wright (Ron Hulbert) writes:
> Picked you up on the web crawler. It looks like you cover most all of ww I
> model types. Myself I build r/c aircraft and I would like to call your
> attention to a good flying model that is not a scale aircraft but can be made
> to look like a working version of one. Its call the Lazy Ace and its been
> aroun for a long time. The one I fly is 15 yrs. old. It has 61/2 foot wings
> and aroun 1800 sq inches of wing area. I power it with a OS 1.20 four stroke
> engine swinging a 15-8 prop. The thing that is great about this aircraft is
> with little work it can be made to look like a SE-5 Scout. A small mod to the
> vertical stab and add a se-5 cowl and it makes a great stand off model of the
> plane. With the 1.20 engine at one hafe throttle it flys at real looking
> speeds. I Installed a smoke system in mine and I get shot down regular by a
> german that flys at our field. Well Just thougth I would pass this along.
> Thank for being on the net. You can find the aicraft listed in RCM mag....Ron
> Hulbert, Redmond Ore.