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Tue, 25 Apr 1995 21:58:36 -0700

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>>Subject: The Beginnings of Air Power/Part 1
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>What is ???
>Is that another WW1 mail group?
>Whats the proper forat to subscribe?

The other group is the WWI historians. A lively bunch, with high powered
expertise on many aspects of the war, including the air war. I have been on
it for about a month now, and find it complementary to the They also have an archive, which I have not yet got
into. It seems they are not quite as well run as Allan's group (i.e. no
home page and so no visuals) but definitely worth tuning into if your
interest goes anywhere beyond models. In fact, I think that presence of a
few of the folks would really enhance the
discussions. So, I encourage you to jump in.

Here is the first step.

Send a message to

no subject line, but in the body of the message put

SUBSCRIBE WWI-L <your name>

That's all. There are a few steps after that, but the listserver will
instruct you.
Good luck.