French 5 colour scheme
26 Apr 95 17:19:00 EDT

Gday all,

Having read through much of the archive, and perused the colour info on the
server, I find a lot of interest in WW1 German colours, a little on British
and almost nothing on French.

I found this a little surprising bearing in mind the number of Americans who
flew aircraft in French colours. Do you all know it so well that it doesn't
bear discussion ? Or is it just the same old thing as everywhere else - the
German stuff is _so_ colourful and interesting no-one bothers with anything

For some years I have used some mixes based on Humbrol enamels for the five
colour Bleriot scheme. I'm getting lazy and I'd like to change over to
something premixed (and acrylic) Black is easy, but what about the other

Any favourites? Any suggestions?

Shane Weier