FW: French 5 colour scheme

27 Apr 95 19:53:00 EDT

Gday all,

You pose an interesting question. One that has no satisfactoryanwer
even in this relative "golden age" of research on World War I a/c. The
French built and operated thousands of a/c during the war, yet we know
realtively little about them. There does not appear to be the heavy
research on French a/c that there is about Central Powers and other Allies.
Presently we are coming to know more about Italian a/c and operations,
thanks to the work of enthusiasts there, than we know about the French AF.
The latest Cross and Cockade International issues is a good examples of
this. Much solid research and publication of excellent photos that had
probably not seen the light of day in 60 years. All the result of a lot of
hard work. Sadly, right now we just don't seem to see this level of effort
on French research. I will be interested to hear other's views on this
state of affairs.

Charles Hart

There was a research project called "Project Butterfly" by some members of
the Cross and Cockade society back in 1970s. I don't have the consequent
articles (Cross and Cockade Vol 13 No 2,3,4 of 1972) though they are
mentioned in the instructions to the PD Decals Spad sheets. I believe that
the research was used by the Smithsonian in rebuilding their Spad.

At the time the work was probably definitive, how well it has held up to
later information I don't know.

My model colour mixes are taken from an article by Ian Huntley in Scale
Aircraft Modelling (British) quoted in part by Neil Robinson in Scale Models
(British) in June 1980. Huntley was associated with the Butterfly team at
the UK end. They aren't bad but I'm not altogether satisfied with them; the
translation of aluminised paints to scale seems to be a bit difficult.

Incidentally, if anyone can lay hands on the back issues I mentioned, I'd
like to hear your comments.

Bye for now,

Shane Weier