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Lionel Kearns (Lionel_kearns@sfu.ca)
Thu, 27 Apr 1995 15:34:20 -0700

Gentlemen, here is a message I just received which might be of interest, so
I'm passing it along.
(Maybe we should invite Rich into the group)


>From: <Rich_Reeder-R23900@email.sps.mot.com>
>Date: 27 Apr 95 14:24:00 -0500
>To: Lionel_kearns@sfu.ca
>Subject: Re[2]: WW 1 Aviation
> Good luck on your research! As for me: I grew up in Southern California,
>where the C&C got it's start. Come to think of it, it was 1964 when I
>found out
>about the C&C from a guy in my church who was also interested in WWI
>Nick Stasinos. He wrote several articles for Air Progress or something like
>that. Anyway, my dad has always been interested in aircraft, & so
>naturally, I
>picked it up from him. He built model planes, so did I. First plastic, then
>balsa & paper. I had about a dozen or so, & that caught the attention of
>Stasinos, who had about 200, built along the lines of the old Guillow models,
>back in the 1960's. Stasinos died of a heart attack in the early 1970's
>on one
>of the LA freeways. I often wonder what ever became of his collection.
> I was sorry to see the C&C fold up. I was acquainted with the 'founders',
>George Cooke, Lonny Raidor, but it really got to be a job for them, & after 20
>years, they sort of burned out. Can't blame them. But it was good while it
>lasted. They would meet at the AAHS building in downtown LA, then someplace
>over in Lawndale, then the TRW building. They'd sponsor air shows of just WWI
>aircraft out at Jim Appleby's place where he made the replicas, I think he
>called it 'The Fony Fokker Factory'. Fokkers, Nieuports, Jennies, an
>a Thomas-Morse, & others showed up. Most of the planes from 'The Blue Max', &
>'Darling Lilly' would always be there. Anyway, they'd have Le Rhone, & Gnome
>rotories on test stands that they'd crank up. To see those things
>whirling away
>was really something. Richthofen's mechanic, a guy named Max Holtsum, always
>came to those things. He must've been 80 or so back then, & could still fly.
>He said that Richthofen was a good pilot, but a real wretched mechanic.
>know a spark plug from a piston. Interesting. My wife up & broke her ankle
>getting out of a camper there, & they stopped doing it. I think they didn't
>want to hassle with the insurance. That Jim Appleby, I'm told, comes over
>way every now & again to help out with Champlin's Air Museum here in Mesa,
>north of where I live.
> Well, sorry for burning up Nostalgia Hiway. But it was a fun time, & I
>still like reminiscing. If I had more money & time, I'd get serious about it.
> Good luck, again. Nice to hear from you.
>RICH REEDER 1422.THU.27.APR.1995, Phoenix AZ., R23900@email.sps.mot.com
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>> I ran across a remnant of your post regarding your interest in WW 1
>>in rec.arts.books.hist-fiction, & thot I'd tell you about the old Cross &
>>Cockade Journal. It used to be published quarterly in the USA until
>>around the
>>early 1980's. It's still being published in England. It's was/is the
>>voice of
>>The Society of World War One Aero Historians. It started up about 1960, & I
>>must've joined it in 65 or 66. I let it lapse when they stopped publishing it
>>in the US. However, there is no more authoritative work regarding WW 1
>>anywhere else in the world. It's got bio's, aircraft specs & drawings, battle
>>accounts, you name it. A library might be the place to start looking for
>>If you can find someone in your area that used to be a member, or still is a
>>member of the English version, they could point you in the right
>>direction. But
>>if you like reading about WW 1 aviation, that's the thing to get ahold of.
>>RICH REEDER, 1059.THU.27.APR.1995, Phoenix AZ., R23900@email.sps.mot.com
>Thanks for the tip about Cross and Cockade. I have seen a few copies,
>but they are difficult to get ones hands on in this part of the country
>(Vancouver, Canada). Your note, however, will spur me on with the search.
>I am also in touch with a group of WW I model builders on the net, whose
>knowledge of the subject (and of Cross and Cockade) is extensive.

>My interest stems from research I am doing on my father, who was a pilot in
>the RFC and RAF. What is the nature of your interest?