Sunday Night Television

Thayer Syme (
28 Apr 1995 15:02:27 -0800

Sunday Night Television

I know you are all aware of this event, but I thought I might 'remind' you
anyway. I for one know I nearly missed the right day.

Sunday night, April 30, at 9 pm, TBS will broadcast a National Geographic
Special about the recent flight from England to Australia of a replica Vickers
Vimy in celebration of the 75th aniversary of the original flight between these
two countries in 1919. Interesting is that the original flight was completed
in under 30 days, the recent version required 42.

The May issue of National Geographic has a (coincidently, or not) 42 page
article you might want to see as well.

Please check your local listings and load up your VCR's with some new tape.

Thayer (my Proctor Jenny arrived Tuesday!!) Syme
San Francisco