Glenco Subchaser & Red Star Anatra Anasal DS

Joseph Boeke (
Fri, 28 Apr 1995 20:45:18 -0500

Well, it seems that I have some time on my hands (job searching has a way
of doing that :), and I took a trip down to my local hobby shop. Two kits
caught my attention, and I have a couple of questions...

First, I was considering buying the Glencoe USN WWI Subchaser model, but I
noticed it doesn't contain any figures (per the box). If I recall
correctly, the model is 1/74 scale, so 25mm figures should work pretty
well. Has anyone tried this kit yet? Are there any sources for 25mm (1/72
or "HO") scale naval crews?

Second, I picked up the Red Star Anatra Anasal DS (1/72). Has this plane
(or maybe the kit) been featured in WWI Aero or Windsock? Any place else I
can look for details on it? I think that the model would be okay as is,
but I'd like to detail it a bit more (also, I am a little suspicious about
the painting guide).

Thanks in advance,