RE: Sunday Night Television
29 Apr 95 20:01:00 EDT

Hi Guys,

<Sunday Night Television
<I know you are all aware of this event, but I thought I might 'remind' you
< anyway. I for one know I nearly missed the right day.
<Sunday night, April 30, at 9 pm, TBS will broadcast a National Geographic
< Special about the recent flight from England to Australia of a replica
< Vimy in celebration of the 75th aniversary of the original flight between
< two countries in 1919. Interesting is that the original flight was
<in under 30 days, the recent version required 42.
<The May issue of National Geographic has a (coincidently, or not) 42 page
<article you might want to see as well.
<Please check your local listings and load up your VCR's with some new tape.
<Thayer (my Proctor Jenny arrived Tuesday!!) Syme
<San Francisco

Not in Australia unfortunately. Only consolation I have is having watched it
fly over my house, then at the airshow here in Brisbane some months back.

FYI the original aircraft is in Adelaide, South Australia.

Shane Weier