Re: 1/72 Scull & Crossbones Decal

24 Apr 1995 13:45:13 GMT


Yes, same pilot - Hantlemann (SP?) I believe.

Also, decals available on an old "Formacal" (By Formaplane Vac Co.).
This is an OLD sheet sporadically available, try Rosemont Hobbies.
Average quality for decals.

Steve H.

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Subject: 1/72 Scull & Crossbones Decal
Author: _aew (SMTP.AEW1) at SSWGATE
Date: 4/19/95 3:28 PM

Hi Modelers,

Just a quickie question...does anyone know of a decal set that has
a 1/72 scale White scull + crossboses on it. This appears on the Siemens
Schukert at Ol' Rienbeck and I would like to do this scheme for the
Pegasus kit I just got.

While we're talking about scull+crossbone decals, there is a white one
on a Fokker D-VII also. Are these the same pilot?