Re: Bristol Fighter fabric lacing
25 Apr 95 09:14:00 EDT

Hi Steve,

I've used pencil often over the years. I frequently use watercolour pencils
for subtle shading and highlights, though (since they are water soluble) I
always have to use a non water based varnish to protect them. Until
coated, if I botch it I can wipe it off with a damp cloth.

I hadn't considered using pencil for lacing, partly because of the necessity
to keep on sharpening, and partly because I doubt the capacity of my shaking
hands to keep things regular and even (don't want 20 laces per inch to port
and 30 to starboard)

On the other hand, I've often used them to represent stitched joins in
fabric (actually usually I pencil it in then erase slightly for a more
subtle effect) where I can use a ruler to keep things steady.

Also works very well on (hack, spit) jets. Yes I build one sometimes to
remind myself how much more interesting WW1 projects are.

Etched lacing ! Whatever next. I've never seen it but it sounds like a
nightmare - "please glue this tiny strand of barbed wire in a straight line
without getting glued to your work Mr Weier" :-0

I don't see Toms stuff over here. I can get it from a mail order dealer in
Victoria (1200 miles away)
IF he has it in stock. I wouldn't mind hearing from the group what they
think of Toms Modelworks PE sheets, which sheets are most worth the hassle
of getting and why.

Biggest problem in not seeing the PE sheets is in having no idea what you'll
get - "WW1 German details" could be anything. Do they have a catalogue with
a description?

See you again on the net


Subject: Re: Bristol Fighter fabric lacing
Date: Tuesday, 25 April 1995 8:09AM

Try "Berol/Prismacolor" colored pencils. Cheap and easy to locate at
Architect/Artist supply stores. Comes in all colors and very simple to
control. Good for 1/72, or 1/48. Only drawback is that you must be
constantly sharpening the tip to a needle point as the colored lead is
soft and wear quickly.

Or try (Believe it or not!) photo etched lacing. Comes on some of the
"Tom's Modelworks" PE sets. Available in both scales too.

I prefer the pencil technique.

Steve H.