Over the front

Guy Fawcett (gfawcett@am.nofc.forestry.ca)
Wed, 19 Apr 1995 13:39:19 -0600 (MDT)

Hi Allan,

>How many cells would you guess that the Aerodrome Albatross D-II would
require? If I read right it calls for the 40 motor.

The Astro Flight cobalt 40 Geared motor running on 18 cells will be sufficent
if you keep the weight between 7 and 9 pounds the lighter the better.

>I was considering getting a trainer plane to fly the electrics on while I
build the Albatros.

Mandatory requirement, if I may suggest again the Sig Senoir can be built right
out of the box and equiped with this motor combination (first 40 powered plane
was just such a conversion when we were feeling around electrics).

> I've always had a fondness for the D-I and D-II. I might even go for the mod
to make the D-II into the D-I. All I'll have to do is raise the wing gap and
change the N strust for Vs. I'm assuming the Aerodrome plans are just that -
plans only. How much help do they give as far as construction steps, assembly
instructions, hardware reccomendations, and detailed drawings of sub-assemblies
difficult areas of construction?

>From looking at the information provided in their package they send out, the
plans are quite detailed and show views of several sub-assemblies. I will
bring my info with me tomorrow and see what other tidbits I can provide. As
far as your first choice for a set of electric plans you can't do much better.

Now a reality check


Required items

4-6 channel radio FM (or better yet PCM)

Astro Flight 112PK charger

Astro Flight Speed controller (207 or new digital equivalent)

Astro Flight Cobalt 40 Geared motor

36 Sanyo NCRC cells (can get away with 18 cells but the turn around time
between flights goes from 15 minutes to 40 minutes)

Sig Senoir Kit

Roughly around $900.00 US You would have to confirm that but it won't be to far

This could be spread out over 1 year of modelling. ( example buy kit build most
of it, then buy motor and finish plane, buy radio and speed controller and
install, just before flying season buy batteries and charger)

If you haven't choked yet and are still quite insane just send me your snail
maill address and I will send some more info about electrics. (I know I had
your address but I've misplaced it).

Tally ho