We all love a mystery

Lionel Kearns (Lionel_kearns@sfu.ca)
Wed, 19 Apr 1995 13:42:25 -0700

OK Folks, here is one for someone to solve.

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>i don't have any particular info. to contribute, but i have a
>question. several years ago i purchased an old office desk.
>it is unremarkable except for the fact that it is ornately
>painted with british flags and flying bi-planes. the desk has
>on it the name of an raf officer (which i forget, the desk is
>in storage now) and it says that he was commander of an raf
>airfield called biggin hill. was there an airfield of that
>name? at the time that i purchased it i thought that perhaps
>it belonged to this officer during the war, but then decided
>that it may have been presented to him afterwards, it doesn't
>look like the sort of thing one would make for oneself.
>do you know anything about biggin hill?

Well that is an interesting and mysterious tale. I myself do not know about
Biggen Hill,(though the name does seem familiar) but no doubt someone on
the net does. I will post your message to various other places where there
will certainly be some interest. By the way, can you give us the name of
the of the RAF officer. And what kind of biplanes are depicted? This sounds
like the beginning of great research adventure. Where is the desk located

Let's see what happens.