Re: Hannover CL.II image

Allan Wright (
Fri, 21 Apr 1995 08:46:59 -0400 (EDT)

Shane says:
> I'm sitting here admiring the new wallpaper on my PC screen which is a .bmp
> of your Hannover CL.II that Alan has kindly posted for our entertainment. It
> has brought a quite a lot of comment since I put it up yesterday.

I'm glad people are getting good use out of the WWW page!

> People keep asking questions. I'd like some detail too. If you have the
> time, please tell me about it. What kit, what decals, any probs you had,
> some info on the prototype you've represented, stuff like that. If the
> groups already been told email me direct - I really want to know.

Please post - we're all interested!

> PS. There are some lovely models on those pages and bugger all details. I
> may not understand what constraints Alan is working under (_can_ he append
> notes?), but if its an excess of modesty by the builders, cut it out. We all
> like to know.

I can put information about the models on any page. You'll find the pages
for models I've done marked up with comments. I can add comments for anyone
else's models similarly.