Re: Bristol Fighter fabric lacing
22 Apr 95 09:55:00 EDT

Gday Alan,

>The judges are probably used to the "Master Scale" - 1/72. The airfix
>Bristol has the stiching and fabric wrinkles already cast in. Probably
>one of the only redeeming features of that kit.

I have the Airfix kit. Shapes a bit off but I have fond memories of building
it some time back.
Actually a bloody long time back, possibly over 20 years.

>Are you scratch building this F.2B or modifying an existing kit? I seem
>to have missed the intro to this discussion.

Scratch build in 1:48 I have finished one wind and its ailerons. I have the
tailplane and elevators done, Top wing still needs dividing into 3 since I
build them flat and put the dihedral in later. Plus do the ailerons and
other finer detail.

I had started before my earlier mail chasing fuselage details. (Which
incidentally doesn't seem to be in the archive, luckily I printed out the
replies I received) I still haven't done more than cut out the flat parts of
the fuselage and detail one side.

Please leave me out of the arguments about scale :-)

I build in 1:48 AND 1:72, mostly because until recently any WW1 fan had to
take what was available or do without (ie mostly 1:72), and then people like
Koster, Toms and DML tempted me into 1:48. My opinion - 1:72 is better able
to show the fragility of the wonderful things those crazies flew,
particularly in vacform. But 1:48 is better for old folk with lousy eyesight
and shaky hands (me).

Catch you later