Re: The best basic kit (in 1:72)
22 Apr 95 10:46:00 EDT

Gday Gerry
Given the parameters described you might want to consider the Meikraft
Caproni 3. It would definitly occupy the time alloted but wouldn't require
too much if any modification. Besides- I'd like to see someone who actually
built one. Better still- and one that wouldn't dent the exchequer as bad-
Airfix HP 0400- its still around at a modest price.
Cheers- Gerry McOsker- Newport RI

Nearest I've evr been to _any_ Meikraft kit is a picture in a magazine so
the Ca.3 will have to wait. For some reason even the mail order stores here
don't ever seem to have been able to get them reliably..

But ....

Now that you mention the Ca.3 it's one of ny "sometimes soon" projects.
Ever since the Windsock Italian special I've been thinking of making
a 1:48 scratchbuild of the aircraft. I'd love to spend a day and a few rolls
of film on the real one at your AF museum.

I've never built the Airfix 0/400, and its not in the shops here at the
The ones I've sen built up are certainly striking.


PS. Australia 7 / 117 (groan) Waugh 68 n.o. (I think) at tea. Rain
stopped play.