model critique

Katherine Cina (
Sat, 22 Apr 1995 20:40:08 -0700

I know that most of you build WW1 airplanes,but for those of
you that stray to the vehicles on the ground, heres a critique of Tauro
Models Fiat 3000 mod.21 in 1/35 scale.

First off the instructions (or lack of them) is in broken
english. The pictures also are pretty poor. The hull assembly went
together with great difficulty. the top and bottom did not line up at
all. I had to mold new putty to the base to even it all up. The road
wheels and tracks did not fit each other. the tracks were to small
once the road wheels where attached to the hull. The turret was the
only piece that went together the right way. This is the first armour
vehicle that I'm going to convert into a destroyed tank.

IF anyone has some pictures of the interior or knows where I
can find some let me know. I've already gone through two encyclopedias
on tanks of the world and have been unable to find any info on them.

Victor Cina