Re: Figurines

Douglas R. Jones (
Mon, 24 Apr 1995 09:03:42 -0500

>Can anyone fulfill a WWI veteran's dream?

I wish I could but I might have a lead for you.

>I don't like to do so without some hope of success.

You could try getting a hold of Jody Gertler. He was formerly associated
with the Ryder Replica Fighter Museum. He is a recognized authority on WWI
equipment and parts and is reputed to have on of the largest collections of
material for sale. I know he offered me a leather helmet for $120 US about 2
years ago. He didn't believe it to be manufactured duruing the war but
shortly there after. If anyone would know where to get such stuff he
probably would.

Replicas are available from Perrone (sp?) Leathers.

If you need help finding Jody etc., let me know and I will try. Calling Leo
Opdycke at WWI Aero would be another great place to start. He probably knows
where to find Jody, as well as perhaps, where to find the items you seek.

Good luck,
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