Welcome to the list

Paul Butler (pgb@kau1.kodak.com)
Tue, 18 Apr 95 13:13:58 EST

Hello to all

I would like to thank:

Doug Jones , djones@deimos.tx.iex.com
Guy Fawcett, gfawcett@am.nofc.forestry.ca
Don Rinker, drinker@fast.net

for their kind messages of welcome to me.

Guy gave me a brief run down on his current activities and asked me the same.

To fill you all in:

I live in the city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia and am a member of the Greensborough Model Aircraft Club.

About three years ago, I returned to aeromodelling after a break of nearly thirty years (due to wife, family etc.) and have jumped in at the deep end. In the past, I could only afford C/L and F/F models most of which where sports types although I did have a C/L Spitfire (not successful), C/L SE5A (cannot remember much) and a F/F Armstrong Whitworth FK3 which flew well until a tree ate it. R/C was much too expensive for me then.

I believe in the process of crawling before walking and walking before running so I am still a relative novice with R/C. I understand that many WW1 types can be tricky to fly so I intend to work my way up. At present I am working on a trainer type biplane and also have a partly constructed 1:6 scale AVRO Tutor in the works. My plan is to cut my "biplane" teeth on the sports/trainer type and then finish the AVRO (which is also a trainer at 1:1 scale). Both of those models will keep me occupied for the rest of 1995 so it would be premature to say for certain what will follow, however it will probably be an Albatros DV. The information I have managed to collect on this type suggests it to be relatively easy to flyand I intend to work at a large scale (1:5) which should help in that department. We are fortunate (in Australia) to have one of the two surviving examples of the type on display at the Canberra War Memorial Museum and plenty of quality info is available.

In the past, I have scratch built (ie. starting by drawing the plans) most of my models and intend to continue the tradition. The AVRO Tutor mentioned above is a published design and I have collected a number of others to get a feel for what types of structure are appropriate. I currently use AutoCad LT, Generic Cadd 6.0 and CorelDraw 3.0 in my design activities. Perhaps I may be able to pass on some tips to any who may be interested.

Regards to all

Paul Butler