Re: 2" Scale Electric R/C

Tue, 18 Apr 1995 10:24:54 EST

>A while back someone mentioned 2" (1/6?) scale electric R/C gathering.
>I am very interested in what people are using for electric motors,
># of cells, # of channels, etc. for WWI electric R/C. This would
>be great for me as I have no interest in doing GAS powered R/C but
>would love to go back to R/C modeling wspecially in 1/6 WWI!

For these planes people generally use an AstroFlight geared Cobalt 40 powered
by 18-20 1700mah SCRC cells. This provides plenty of power for an 7-10 lb
WWI aircraft. You need nothing special in terms of radio for electrics.
of all the throttle linkage and servo to regulate throttle, you use a speed
that plugs into your RX just like a servo. The big advantage here is there is
throttle linkage to set up. The disadvantage is that you've got to buy a
controller :-)

>ago and enjoyed it except for 2 points. 1) The gas (sic) engines were
>too damned hard to start and 2) starting them was dangerous. My interest

You are absolutely correct here. With electrics you never need to have your
hands around a spinning prop. In fact, the motor systems are generally test
run, in the shop, without a prop at all. Operation amounts to turning on the
switch and the prop starts turning only after you advance the throttle on your

>I would be interested in starting agin in R/C if the electrics are
>truely a viable way to go now. Is the power/duration of the flights

Power is not problem. With electrics, however, there are tradeoffs between
and duration. Whether they are "acceptable" is up to the individual. Guy and
figure that you need 5.5 minutes of duration to fly an acceptable Scale Masters
flight sequence. This duration is obtainable with sufficient power to fly
quite large
aircraft. Guy's 1/4 scale Fokker DVIII weighed 16 lbs and yet he flew it in a
Qualifier. Bob Benjamin has recently been flying an 81" Spitfire weighing
14lbs in
similar events.

Cheers --- Larry