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Randy J Ray (
Tue, 18 Apr 1995 09:20:59 -0600 (MDT)

>Hello all.
>I keep seeing references in the archive to a journal / newsletter / magazine
>which is typically abreviated to MMP.
>So will someone let me know the full title, how I might get it, and whether
>its worthwhile doing so. ?
>A brief outline of just what a typical issue contains might be dandy too !

MMP stands for Military Model Preview. It's a monthly mag that does nothing
but kit reviews. It has either full-blown, built-up kit review, in-the-box
reviews, or in the case of books, brass, resin, etc., one or two paragraph
reviews. They also keep a running "wish list" for aircraft (in 1/72, 1/48, and
1/32), armor in 1/35, ships, and "misc", keeping some stats like how many
times it's appeared on the list, etc.

It used to be called MAP - Military Aircraft Preview. It also used to be a

Typical issue has about 6 full reviews. They still tend to favor aircraft, if
only because more new aircraft kits appear month-to-month than other genres.
They have reviewed almost all of the Eduard and DML 1/48 WWI subjects as they
came out. Some people disagree with the reviews, as is always the case with
reviews. Their style is sort of unique-- they build the model and decal it,
but don't paint it. Every full review has several photos from different angles
of the completed model. Nice thing is, the reviews give you step-by-step
summaries of any fit problems, etc., the reviewer encountered.

I pick up every issue as it comes out.


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