Re: 2" Scale Electric R/C

Tue, 18 Apr 1995 11:26:03 EST

>Yea, I've been reading and knew I needed to spend some extra bucks to go
>electric, but the savety and ease of use make it worth it. One last question,
>if I start building my 1/6 WWI bird, is there an RTF or semi-indestructable
>that I can fly my electric motor, batteries and radio components on to
>'get back up to speed' on while I'm constructing my new WWI R/C bird?

Hmm...I may not be the best person to ask this question. I have a firm belief
that airplanes built to crash will do just that. They will fly much less well
Since you've flown already, I should think that you could get back up to speed
with a plane that flys well but might bounce a bit less well than lesser birds.
Something like the Kadet Senior comes to mind mostly because I know that
Guy used one to do his initial testing of the geared 40 power system. Any of
the ARF 60-sized trainer aircraft should also suffice with a 40G and 18 cells.
You'd simply have to take a look at the difficulty in adapting the nose and the
creation of a battery area. The problem with ARFs is generally they are built
with less than great materials and since they are precovered, it's hard to do
much to adapt them to electrics.

Cheers --- Larry