The best basic kit (in 1:72)
19 Apr 95 14:54:00 EDT

Hi everyone,

It seems to have gone a little quiet around here now that Mick is absent.
For my (and I hope everyones) entertainment I'd like to pose a question
which is a variation of the "What would you take to a desert Island"

I am about to go on my annual leave - for the first time in 3 years :-(

Because I have 3 children under 5 years old there will be a lot of relaxing
and not much raging going on at night. We have enough children ;-) and I
hate the re-runs on TV so ........

Its obvious that I need a modelling project and a small travelling kit of
tools and material.

I'll have glues and putty, knives and sandpaper. Paint and an airbrush with
a can of air.

Now I need a kit which should be able to be built into a "nice" replica
without any major surgery. I _might_ change the decals, paint job should be
simple. I will replace struts if necessary but detailing should be possible
with no more than some Aeroclub guns and a seat (or 2)

So the question is:

What is the "best" good basic injection moulded 1/72 aircraft kit of a ww1
prototype in all your humble opinions ? !!


PS - my wife actually approves :-0