Fwd: The best basic kit (in 1:72)

Thomas Eisenhour (t_eisen@ix.netcom.com)
Wed, 19 Apr 1995 04:27:21 -0700

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Subject: The best basic kit (in 1:72)
Date: 19 Apr 95 14:54:00 EDT

Its obvious that I need a modelling project and a small travelling kit
tools and material.

I'll have glues and putty, knives and sandpaper. Paint and an airbrush
a can of air.

Now I need a kit which should be able to be built into a "nice" replica
without any major surgery. I _might_ change the decals, paint job should
simple. I will replace struts if necessary but detailing should be
with no more than some Aeroclub guns and a seat (or 2)

So the question is:

What is the "best" good basic injection moulded 1/72 aircraft kit of a
prototype in all your humble opinions ? !!

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IMHO, it's the Airfix Sopwith Pup. What's more, it's a realistic project
for the amount of time you have available.

- Tom