The best basic kit (in 1/72)

19 Apr 1995 10:06:10 GMT

Shane et al,

So your wife approves!?! Count yourself VERY lucky!
As to what I think the best/easiest 1/72 (The Master Scale) WW I kit
is - I too would have to vote for the Revell Fokker D.VII. The ESCI
version is awful/upper wing ALWAYS badly warped, the interior needs
to be ground away, and is to be avoided at all costs. I've built
three of the Revell kits (plus one ESCI-corrected) for my collection
already and if your looking for a quick & simple modeling "fix" while
on vacation the Revell kit requires the least effort for the most
accurate result. I can't speak for the allied kits as I only build
the Central Powers craft.

Replace the struts (easy enough with Contrail or equivelent).
Use the Roseparts photo-etched "fold-up" interior detail set (round
out the tubular fuselage structure with built up white glue). Bring
your Dremel Moto-tool to grind away some fuselage sidewall so the
interior set will fit better.
No rigging to speak of other that for controls & undercarriage.
Bring A/G or Almark four color (usually W/Fokker) lozenge decals.
Bring new Aeroclub or Xtraparts engine, propellor, wheels, & MG's.

That should about do it! Have a good time!

Steve H.