Re: WWI Radio control modellers
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 11:27:06 -0800

>I've noticed that several builders of R/C flying scale have shown up on the
>list and I was wondering if we could get an idea of how many and general
>geographical locations.
>Guy Fawcett
>Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
>Built and flown
>1/5 scale Bristol F2B 150 flights still active
>1/4 scale Nieuport 17c 3 flights being rebuilt by friend
>1/4 scale Fokker D VIII 13 flights destroyed
>1/5 scale Curtis Jenny 100 flights still active
>1/6 scale SE5
>Tally ho

Well, I am definitely interested in flying scale, though I am just starting
out and am getting there slowly. My ultimate goal is to build and fly a
DH9A, which is what my father flew in WW I, and later in Northern Russia.
I'm also researching that general subject area, and hope to complete a book
on my father's early life.

I hang out in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.