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Bill Armintrout (
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 22:08:59 GMT

In article (Allan Wright) writes:

> I've added 43 new model images to the WWI modeling WWW page. I'm about half
>way through digitizing the photographs that Steve Hustad lent me for addition
>to the page. (Thanks again Steve - the pictures are breathtaking). So far I
>have the Dr.Is, Albatrosses and Fokker D.VIIs done. I'll be doing the rest
>this week before my vacation. If you have a chance check these pictures out,
>they are really something.

Thought this was pretty newsworthy, so I mentioned it on our What's New page.
Then I realized that we didn't even have a link to your WWI page, so added one
from our WWI Rules page!

- Bill
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