Re: WWI Radio control modellers

Douglas R. Jones (
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 16:54:00 -0600

>Nieuport 24bis 1/6 scale Nungesser Markings built 1984
>Proctor Nieupot 28 1/4 scale 15th Aero sqdron
>Fokker Triplane 1/4 scale . My own design and plans
>framed up, almost ready to cover.
>Balsa USA Taube My Rhinebeck plane... built 1981
>lost count of flights after 400. Recovered 3 times :-)
>Fokker Triplane VK 1/6 scale. Richtofen 152/17 This plane
>has appeared in several Proctor adds.

Is it your plane in the ads or is your plane similar to the
ones in the ad? I have one about 80% complete that I will
finish some day I suppose!

Nice list yourself by the way!

>Ill be scanning some of my photos to send up to the home page
>soon as I find the time........

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