Re: Revell 1/28 Fokker D-VII?

Bill Shatzer (
Sat, 4 Mar 1995 03:19:17 -0500

>I heard that it appears in Revell-Germany's new catalog. Supposedly, the
>molds were made at the same time as the other three kits but never put in
>production for some reason (not enough of the other kits originally sold?).

"Not enough of the other kits originally sold"? I think not. The Revell
1/28 kits have been in more or less continuous production since the late
'50's and have to hold the all time record for the oldest molds still in

*If* a D-VII kit appears, I'd wager it will be a new mold - if one had
existed since the time of the original SPAD, Fokker, Camel kits, it would
have been produced long, long ago.

BTW, the Camel kit is actually 1/27, not 1/28 as are the other kits. Why,
I know not.

Cheers, Bill

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