Re: New PD Decals

Thomas Eisenhour (
Mon, 6 Mar 1995 17:46:18 -0800

You wrote:

>Has anyone seen the new PD Decals sheet for the Fokker DVII? It comes
>both 1/72 and 1/48 scales. Rosemont's flyer lists planes for Goring,
>Degelow, Beualie-Marconnay, Raben, Gef Scheutzel and Von Buren. I
>seeing a small photo of the sheets in MIlitary Model Preview a month or
>ago and remember seeing a neat one with a stag and a hunting party on
>side. I am unfamiliar with this brand. Has anybody had any experience

I recently purchased them from my local hobby shop for $11.95. They
come from Australia and they are printed in black, white, and yellow.
The "hunting party" is Gefreiter Schuetzel's "Seven Swabians" scheme
(see Windsock Jan-Feb '95). This decal uses two layers. The under layer
is an outline of the seven figures which you can paint in the colors of
your choice. The upper layer has details such as facial features. The
re-creation looks good when compared to the photos in 'Over the Front"
Dec. 1991. It would be best to work under magnification with acrylics to
color the tiny figures. The animal is a large rabbit, not a stag. The
leaping stag 'springende hirsch' is Degelow's personal marking.