Re: New PD Decals

Douglas R. Jones (
Tue, 07 Mar 1995 08:45:02 -0600

>I recently purchased them from my local hobby shop for $11.95. They
>come from Australia and they are printed in black, white, and yellow.
>The "hunting party" is Gefreiter Schuetzel's "Seven Swabians" scheme
>(see Windsock Jan-Feb '95). This decal uses two layers. The under layer
>is an outline of the seven figures which you can paint in the colors of
>your choice. The upper layer has details such as facial features. The
>re-creation looks good when compared to the photos in 'Over the Front"
>Dec. 1991. It would be best to work under magnification with acrylics to
>color the tiny figures. The animal is a large rabbit, not a stag. The
>leaping stag 'springende hirsch' is Degelow's personal marking.

How do these compare with the replica D-VII at Rhinebeck? I have been
told that the Rhinebeck replica does not EXACTLY match Schuetzel's
craft? If they are close enough this might be a good starting point to do
an enlarged decal/marking for a 1/5 scale ship. How about the shield
just behind the cockpit? Do they include this one also?

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