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Subject: Re: Sopwith Swallow 3 view drawings
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> Does anyone know where I can get some 1/48 scale 3 view >drawings
>of the Sopwith Swallow? This parasol monopolane was built on a >camel
>fuselouge (sp?) so it shouldn't be too hard to kit bash. 8^)

>  Jess Stuart
> jess@optx.com

Aerodrome sells an Historical Album made up of information on 11 different aircraft one of which is the Sopwith Swallow consisting of a 1/48 three view and 8 pages of text on the plane and 2" to the foot model. The package costs $10.00 + 2.90 for postage.

Other planes covered include Autro-Hungarian Albatros D II, Albatros DIII, Fokker D VIII, Aviatik Berg Scout 30.40, Dornier Zeppelin D1, Junkers J2, RWD-8 (Polish inter war trainer), Focke Wulf FW 56 Stosser (interwar trainer), Pfalz D IIIa and Zeppelin C II

Aerodrome P.O. Box 1425 FDR Station New York, New York 10150

Tally Ho Guy