Re: Yes, It's True

Brian (
08 Mar 1995 13:48:38 +0000

>Eduard Model Accessories is coming out with a Fokker E.V/D.VIII (1/72,
>summer), Sopwith Baby on floats (1/48, February), Pfalz K-III (1/48, spring),
>Morane-Saulnier type L (1/48, spring), Hannover CI.IIIa (1/48, spring),
>Albatros C.III (1/48, summer), and Morane-Saulnier type N (1/48, summer).

Left out the 1/72 Voison LA.III.

M-S Type N is on UK Shelves about three weeks ago, with the Baby a
couple of months ago. The M-S has the most complicated P-etch guns
I've seen but I haven't started on it yet.

The baby just got an indifferent review in MMP.