WW I figures

17 Feb 1995 14:24:14 GMT

Does anyone on our "net" build 1/35, or 1/32 (54mm) World War I
figures? It seems that the sources for these are EXTREMELY limited
compared to the WW II era, and even relative to modern and pre-20th
century figure selections. (Military Miniature
manufacturers/modellers have just sort of "stepped over" this era it

I'm familiar with "Scale Link" 54mm white metal figures out of
England. They have an extensive line, but their figures lack detail
and the poses are somewhat stiff. The faces/heads on their figures
tend to be more caricatures rather that genuine attempts at realism.

"Tauros" (sp?) line of 1/35 scale white metal figures are "ape like"
and simply too crude.

Bill Horan's new book "Military Modelling Masterclass" (breathtaking
stuff!!) has inspired me to tackle some WW I figures and vignettes as
a diversion from my usual 1/72 scale aircraft modeling. Does any one
know of other 1/35, or 1/32 scale WW I figure/equipment sources? or
are we talking major conversions of other existing lines here?....

Steve H.