Re: WW I figures

Bill Armintrout (
Mon, 20 Feb 1995 12:10:40 +1000


> Does anyone on our "net" build 1/35, or 1/32 (54mm) World War I
> figures? Does any one
> know of other 1/35, or 1/32 scale WW I figure/equipment sources? or
> are we talking major conversions of other existing lines here?....

I found these sources in the December issue of Military Hobbies magazine,
which covers 54mm figures. However, they seem to be entirely of "soldiers in
the trenches" --

TA Workshops: Picture shows lorries, wagons, tracked vehicles, and soldiers.
Figures are shown unpainted in picture.

TOMMY ATKINS: Said to have a huge range of figures. Picture shows a "ruined
gun" molded into a base that includes blasted trees. Looks pre-painted.

JS DIETZ: Mentioned as making models of several 77mm guns of the period, might
have other figures. No photos in magazine.

JG: Photo shows "scenic items -- trenches, gun positions, and gabions." Looks
like WWI to me. Don't know what "JG" stands for, article mentions "John
Gittens" as making ACW fortifications.

SARUM SOLDIERS: Shows picture of WWI german field gun. Figures available
painted or unpainted. These are traditional "toy soldiers" in style, might not
be suitable for what you want.

No addresses given.

- Bill