Re: The First Warplanes

Douglas R. Jones (
Wed, 22 Feb 1995 15:15:29 -0600

> Aw, Geez....
> First Rheinbeck, and now First W.... This is a catastrophe! I mean,
>who's next? How can this be happening with historical aviation interest
>at an all-time high? Or, is that just *WWII* interest...?

I am concerned that it is WWII interest! Being that it is still "fresh"
in a lot of peoples minds. What with all the 50th anniversary stuff
happening over the last year or two. Plus I suspect there are far larger
numbers of relics left than from the first World War. Though I had some
philosophical differences with what Frank Ryder was doing I had to
support him. He wanted to bring this era of aviation back into importance
by rekindling an interest by the average plane buff. I think he would
have done wonderful things for those of us who love WWI aviation. But
it's a dead deal now, so to speak. Strange to since after Cole's
death he specifically spoke of "getting his house in order".

Sad too that the heirs he left behind seem more interested in $$$
than his dreams.

> I dunno, gang-- I think we should do *something*. What, I haven't the
>slightest. Anybody on here independently wealthy? >:^)
I wish!

> Any ideas? I just feel crappy sitting here on my duff while all those
>beautiful machines languish into dereliction.

One thing that could be done is to find a group who already has an
interest and funnel money into them. Perhaps the Old Rhinebeck Foundation
might be interested insome of the replicas. At least those that are
"correct". They wouldn't have much use for the non-100% scale replicas,
I don't think. Maybe the EAA would be interested. I can do some poking
around. If anyone has closer ties to the Old Thinebeck folks than I do
try them. Or write letters to the EAA, Chino, Shuttleworth etc and see
what they might do. I can check with the Air Museum here to see if they are
interested. Unfortunately other the the Old Rhinebeck folks, I think
most places are static only. That's a shame.

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