Re: The First Warplanes

Erik Pilawskii (
Wed, 22 Feb 1995 15:54:32 -0800 (PST)

> One thing that could be done is to find a group who already has an
> interest and funnel money into them. Perhaps the Old Rhinebeck Foundation
> might be interested insome of the replicas. At least those that are
> "correct". They wouldn't have much use for the non-100% scale replicas,
> I don't think. Maybe the EAA would be interested. I can do some poking
> around. If anyone has closer ties to the Old Thinebeck folks than I do
> try them. Or write letters to the EAA, Chino, Shuttleworth etc and see
> what they might do. I can check with the Air Museum here to see if they are
> interested. Unfortunately other the the Old Rhinebeck folks, I think
> most places are static only. That's a shame.
Ahhhh! Now, this is a good start! I know a chap at Shuttleworth pretty
well, so I'll have to beat-about on him for a while. As well, I used to
know a bunch of the Chino gang. Years back, they had the chance to aquire
A SPAD XIII and a Snipe (from Cole, maybe???). They showed no interest
then, so far as I know. I wonder if they might feel differently now? I'll
see what I can find out. I'm sure someone knows the crew out there much
better than I, so it would be great if any such person(s) could look into
it, too.
BTW, I'll have a talk with the Boeing Museum here next week, but
with all of their econonmic troubles....

Erik :^)
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