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Douglas R. Jones (
Thu, 23 Feb 1995 09:15:59 -0600

>I disagree. My impression is that the Ryder museum was only part, albeit
>a major part, of the biggest upsurge in WWI replica building since the
>60s. Also, note the upsurge in 1930s types with new replicas of the P-6,
>F3F, Gee Bee R-1, etc. I very much doubt that the Ryder replicas will be
>left to rot, although admittedly it is more likely that they will end up
>being static displays with Champlin or something than flying.

I hope you are right. I agree there seems to be an upswing in vintage
aircraft. Air&Space had an article a couple of issues ago about this.

I suspect theat they will be sold off. especially those that are full
scale replicas. I noticed last night in the Feb. '95 issue of WWI Aero
the Joe Gertler was offering, on behalf of the Ryder Museum, I *think*
a 4 plane package for $500,000. I don't have the issue with me. Looks
like Leo was right and the heirs have retained Joe to dispose of the

>I would suggest the Weeks Air Museum. Kermit has some lovely WWI
>replicas, and originals, some of which were reduced essentially to
>kindling by the hurricane a few years ago. He could be looking to
>replace them for his new museum. There is some chance that
>with Weeks they would also be flown occasionally. I don't think there is
>any need to contact the museum, though, because none of is is any better
>networked into the warbird market than Kermit! And he has been on a
>shopping spree the last few years so if he's interested, I'm sure he's
>made an offer already.

You are probably right. Most of the major museums have probably already
been contacted or have contacted Ryder's Replica Fighter Museum. What we
can do is contact the museums and ask if they are trying to obtain any.
And if so how could individuals donate money so that it is earmarked
for acquiring or maintaining these craft.

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