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Fri, 24 Feb 1995 11:08:57 +1100 (EST)

Hi, Steve,

I know, I know......I'm late. I've been that way
all week 80(

> Does anyone on our "net" build 1/35, or 1/32 (54mm) World War I
> figures?

Yes, I do. [Surprise!]

It seems that the sources for these are EXTREMELY limited
> compared to the WW II era, and even relative to modern and pre-20th
> century figure selections. (Military Miniature
> manufacturers/modellers have just sort of "stepped over" this era it
> seems!)

You're absolutely right. Even in metal, there's very little
that's applicable to aviation......

> I'm familiar with "Scale Link" 54mm white metal figures out of
> England.

.......except Scale Link. I've used their [German] officers, without
flight gear, of course, and they're quite nice, because you can use their
original uniforms.
Ground-crew are another problem, as the Scale-link figures are not
applicable without heavy conversion, and they are expensive.
Same applies to metal figures by other manufacturers.

> Bill Horan's new book "Military Modelling Masterclass" (breathtaking
> stuff!!) has inspired me to tackle some WW I figures and vignettes as
> a diversion from my usual 1/72 scale aircraft modeling. Does any one
> know of other 1/35, or 1/32 scale WW I figure/equipment sources? or
> are we talking major conversions of other existing lines here?....

What I've done for German infantry in the past, and considered doing
for aviation figures [I've only got one 1/32 scale WW1 aircraft at present],
is to use a combiniation of Airfix Multipose, especially for arms and
equipment, and the better Italaeri [marketed as 1/35, but really 1/32],
and some Historex parts [spares].
Plastic figures are a lot easier and cheaper to work with, and as you've
seen from Bill Horan's work, the results can be quite outstanding. I've had
considerable success with this method myself.
If you've got any particular problems, drop me, or the list, a line.



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