Re: The First Warplanes

Douglas R. Jones (
Fri, 24 Feb 1995 09:07:13 -0600

> On the opening weekend in June(?) 1994? I was there all day Saturday.
>They flew the Dr.I, Fokk d.VII, AVRO 504, N.11, and just maybe the Jenny.
>Nothing else (oh, they did do the 'crazy farmer' bit with the Cub).
>Was there a special to-do on Sunday?
> Erik

Interesting. Saturday is usually the Barnstorming show. Here they fly
the Tiger Moth, Great lake Trainer, Pietenpol etc. I love the Crazy
Farmer bit. I saw it in 1993! I didn't know you could do those things with
a Cub! On Saturday (at least the 2 Saturday's I have been there) they usually
fly a couple of the WWI planes. Sort of a preview of the WWI reenactment
on Sunday. Generally the N11 and Coughlin's D-VIII.

They may have done things a little different opening day of last year
as it was the tribute to Cole and the dedication of the Foundation. Can't
wait for this years R/C Jamboree. I hope to be bringing my new N17,
assuming that I can get it finished! Coughlin is supposedly working on a
Sopwith Triplane and I hope to find out how he is coming with it.

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