Re: 1:144 lozenge decals? (fwd)

Mon, 27 Feb 1995 09:14:43 -0700 (MST)

>I am attempting to build and display some 1:144 aircraft in conjunction with
>larger models to attempt to achieve soem sort of depth perspective. I bought
>some 1:144 Skytrex and Mamoli metal models which will need lozenge decal for
>I shall not endeavor to simulate the same in this scale. Does anyone know of
>a vendor of the same? Bitte?
>Gerry McOsker of Newport R.I.
I'm pretty sure you're S.O.L. on this 'un. Would a color copier reduce
Americal or Superscale decals down 50% on a clear decal sheet?? I've
seen this work on an ordinary b/w copier but I don't know about the color
jobs - anybody have any experience with this??


It is possible to use a color copier to produce decals on clear coated decal paper. I saw results of such an exercise a few years ago, when color copiers were not what they are today. The results then were fair, better machines now available may have better results. I will be interested to learn of anyone else's experience.

Charles Hart